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The following reviews were placed on by customers who purchased and used SWIPE™ products.

“I started ordering from dollar shave club, only to realize I could buy in bulk myself and save some money (and lots of packaging). We started out with some dorco razors and we liked those fine. After ordering these, I don’t think we’ll go back.”
– EugeneLouise, Customer

“Wow, awesome! The swipe brand has undoubtedly always been my favorite razor to shave with because they seem to give me the quickest and most comfortable shave on the market.”
– Review Junkie, Customer

“This gave me a nice close shave…for my legs 🙂 I am a women, and I wanted to give my legs a closer shave. This razor definitely did that! I also tend to get some razor burn with a new razor, but none with this one. It also shaved very easily over my knees, which can sometimes be a tough spot. I love that it comes with so many refills.”
– Jo R., Customer

“This has to be the best deal on a quality razor that I’ve ever seen. I am so happy with these, and so is my husband. It’s a great set of blades for a fantastic price, and I’ll definitely buy from them again!”
– Cassidy S., Customer